ACTIVATE MEDIA SOLUTIONS thrives on bringing innovative ideas and media solutions to life for businesses in Vancouver, BC. We anticipate and pay attention to the finer details. From site analysis to project completion, each member of our team brings to the table years of media, creative and production success, each with their unique set of skills and strengths—allowing us to be thorough and incredibly good at what we do.  


"The Stanley Park Fresh Air Cinema was one of  most successful  IKEA activations to date and is being talked about  by store managers  across the entire country. The chatter made it's way all the way up to the President. Your brand ambassador team was so great to work with and did a fantastic job.....thank you"
.....Jungle Media .

Having worked with numerous worldwide brands, municipal agencies and private property owners, our portfolio is a mix of small to mammoth projects. When it comes to market location strategy, knowledgable venue consultation, brand activations or production delivery on a challenging deadline, you can count on us to get it done right, on time and within budget. We'll find your brand the perfect property to fit your creative message,

or assist you in securing sponsorhip and revenue share for your property.

You can count on us to get it done

We'll knock it out of the park